My name is Marcello Raeli, I am a 25 year old Italian designer, I recently graduated from Art Center College of Design, in Dic 2015.
I have had the amazing opportunity to live in Italy, Colombia, NYC,  Argentina, Mexico, London, and now L.A. 
My family moved to a different country every 4-5 years, and although as a young child this might have seemed difficult, it forced me to embrace change, become rapidly friendly and open my mind to new ideas, new cultures and completely different ways of living. Looking back, It was amazing.
I also became fluent in Italian (mother tongue), fluent in English, fluent in Spanish. Now want to learn German, and French.

My father is an architect and a painter. As a child my favorite place in the world was his studio. In my father's studio, I was surrounded by plans, and technical drawings of entire buildings, contrasted by incredibly colorful and rich oli paintings that flooded my imagination. 

Growing up in such different cultures and environments, made me want to understand people's stories and needs, combined with spending countless hours in my father's architecture and art studio, made me quickly develop a powerful passion for problem solving, and art. I soon realized that was called: Design. 

In my father's studio I also became obsessed with Leonardo Da Vinci, I would study the  books and the translations of diaries of Leonardo Da Vinci that my father had. Alongside I loved Asimov's amazing stories or predictions of the future. I always thought of Leonardo as the first designer, while Asimov's imagination would allow me to live in the future.

Through this events, ever since I can remember I knew I wanted to become a Designer.